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With all the hue and cry of data becoming central to our lives, we still live at the nascent level of data usage. The question is do we know the total quantum of data available, which can be used for one’s benefit and the methodology of doing it. What would be the back end of this whole enterprise? The simple answer is Data Exchange. Data Exchange for purposes of running huge governmental infrastructure, providing humungous nature of services and providing cutting edge cyber security. The X-Road data exchange of Estonia and consequent citizen service delivery architecture can be role model for the world.

The smart cities across the world work on the fulcrum of data exchange and on it is dependent the efficiency of Smart Cities. Singapore and Seoul are the shining examples of smart cities running seamlessly and real time on this model. Detailed weather data for town planning can be one of the examples. In what all is this Data Exchange mechanism required and how it will happen has to start afresh depending on the Smart City characteristics and it would evolve over a period of time in a robust mechanism. Though the basics remain the same each city creates a system of data exchange ideally suited for it. It is imperative that the proposed Indian Smart Cities not only follow this Data Exchange model but also perfect it.

In this backdrop, the assigning of the task to Indian Institute of Science to draw data exchange specifications for the Smart Cities Mission, may just turn out the most far reaching decision in realising the dream of true Smart City – dynamic & realtime with global levels of ease of living and business. Data is the new oil and harnessing it the right way is the only way to take Smart Cities in the right direction. Ministry of Housing & Urban Affairs has initiated the development of Indian Urban Data Exchange (IUDX) for the Smart Cities Mission. Humungous data created in these cities would be used to generate additional business intelligence in this manner and further improve their operational excellence.

“In order to facilitate this, MoHUA has identified the need for a standard based, open data exchange framework, that will enable easy exchange of data between various city departments & organisations.” A shot in the arm for true data empowerment of city administrators.


Sanjay Sahay

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