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The knack of gaining control and that too surreptitiously very few countries have been able to practice over long periods of time, the methodologies have to change with the changing times. Imperialism was it’s organised structure at the nation state level. When physical colonialism date with destiny came to an end, the era of economic colonialism starting taking roots. From products to processes to know how to research, all became the exclusive possession of companies, enterprises and governments. The erstwhile colonised countries starting to fall into this trap called market.

From manufacturing to technology, this was the story, the world thought it was a status quo one was forced to accept. Simultaneously, with this story, the worst was yet to come. These were to be the Digital Behemoths which would control the world in a manner nobody could have ever imagined. The Googles, Facebooks, Amazons and Microsofts have empires which can put the Roman Empire to shame. And a valuation to boot. It is no one to one business deal, no nation to nation negotiations, no memorandum of understanding, no terms of contract and and millions and billions become customers, while the governments remain in gay abandon.

Fascinating historical processes unfold in an equally fascinating manner. The digital story was just a technology platform preparing for subjugation. Data emerged as the biggest asset and winner of this battle was destined to win the world. From the British Empire of the colonial age, it’s a modern American empire, much more effective; economically, socially and psychologically in a democratic format. World’s data was with American companies and the government to monetise and surveil which they have doing the Shylock style for quite some time now. Others have also followed suit.

Data Subjugation is the real story of the world today. The roller coaster ride of data in what is termed as the manipulation 2016 American Presidential elections is still under investigation. Facebook / Cambridge Analytica subjugating user data for their gain. Worst still, Jamal Khashoggi’s fellow Saudi dissident Omar Abdulaziz’s mobile was compromised, allegedly infected by Pegasus, a powerful spy malware. A malware sold only on state clearance.


Sanjay Sahay

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