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Wish cyber attacks going unabated and breaking into systems which had been treated as impregnable, Israel is in the process of creating a digital equivalent of the Iron Dome to protect government, public & private enterprises from the ever increasing intensity of hacking. It draws its inspiration from a mobile all weather air defence system, which is famed to be hugely successful in shooting down 90% of the rockets launched from Gaza. There is no denying that that this is a commendable initiative and if successful would redefine Cyber Securtiy.

On similar lines and preceding it, the US is already working with National Cyber Security and Communications Integration Centerworking under the aegis of US – CERT. The institution has its genesis from the successful functioning of the NCTC in the US for over 15 years now. This would serve as an underbelly of cyber intelligence for all Police and Intelligence Agencies and would also provide similar services to the private sector. Collaborative functioning is at the very core of its functioning. The truism in this field is that each organisation has to complement and supplement to get the best results in the fast changing hacking scenario.

The Israeli Digital Iron Dome would be a combination of large number of systems competent enough to meet the challenges faced by all the adversaries combined. It would evolve in an iterative manner. The expertise would come out of the experience of creating the system in place and also in handling the situation on a day to day basis and the learning emanating out of it. Suffice to say there are no clear cut models to follow. It would turn out to be a model. Israel is in the process of formulating a legislation which enables the national CERT to work with all organisations in mitigating imminent danger to the public and the nation.

With Firesale sort of an attack not a distant reality and Yahoo suffering the worst ever hack, these initiatives have certainly not come a day too early.


Sanjay Sahay

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