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While we know the onset on technologies, the movement, the likely growth pattern, the research and development potential and how it would fan out commercially when it finally unfolds. It has happened over and over again from the days of micro chips, operating systems, to ERPs, other softwares, aggregation, cloud computing etc, our responses has been typically the same. We behave as if the world will wait for us to catch up or provide space for our products and markets when we make a sweet call. It cannot happen. This mindset it called Digital Procrastination.

Digital Procrastination is contemplating and strategising on the creation and adoption of technology when the digital roadmap is known. Digital Procrastination has brought us to this pass and as time passes by it would take us to such lower levels that our digital capability would never have the competitive edge. It has a mindset which will never provide you the scope for a wake up call. It is a kind of an intellectual numbness, a stupor, which is completely immune to the harsh reality. Otherwise, how do we accept the complete absence of products and still claim to be a major player.

All emerging technologies are disruptive in nature and the time provided to get onto the bandwagon to being a market leader is very short. The gap generally becomes beyond getting bridged. China has a lead of 18 months in the R&D and deployment of 5G and the whole world is finding difficult to catch up. Digital Procrastination is the antithesis of success in the age of disruption and there is no better example of disruption than the all pervasive tsunami of Artificial Intelligence.

Digital commercial success does not happen in one shot. It is a long drawn affair with the best of brains, expertise, research, funding, contextual intelligence, testing, commercial acumen all falling in place. This happens with building blocks getting synthesised. Digital Procrastination comes in way of the buliding blocks itself, so where is the question of any further success in product creation and it’s commercial success. Mostly we fail in customised applications too. Digital Procrastination is on the verge of eating up our Artificial Intelligence journey.


Sanjay Sahay

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