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Digital has become our psyche and our complete existence revolves around it. The individual, businesses, education, societies, governance and countries have got completely for intertwined into it. But still we force ourselves to believe that digital in one part of our existence and not complete life. Try living any part of your working life without the digital mode? All who gain success today, individuals to nations are entities who have mastered digital, where single activity is neatly enmeshed into the other creating unbelievably models of business, governance and security.

While these successes are on display all the around the place from Googles of the world to the governments of Israel, Estonia, Singapore etc, we have utilised our myopia to our best disadvantage. And many other countries and business enterprises too. They are waiting for someone else to do it for them and then they would reap the benefits. That has never happened and that will never happen. This is that art, know how, technology and ever increasing world of experimentation and research and development.

This is the world of digital transformation. Digital transformation is the process of disrupting functioning and business through emerging technology for a windfall gain. This needs a Digital Transformation Plan which has to be a perfect synthesis of all business activities neatly tied to the emerging technologies with impact worked out. Being dynamic and real time is the core element, iterative progression helps in stabilising it.

The scalability issue has to be cracked on a regular basis given the pace of the disruptive technologies which you would be forced to tackle on a regular basis. The capability to handle digital transformation is the key to business growth in the days to come. While the core business and function remains intact, the whole process, operations, pedagogy, packaging, reach and costing go in for a transformational change.


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