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The world of cyber threats literally provides a mirror image of the functioning of the cyber world, usage of tools, expertise and social engineering to create a breach for various motives and preferably get away with it. Uncovering threats and building capabilities to protect against these threats is what cyber security is all about. The ever-expanding connections that too in terms of billions simply means that the things to be protected now is way more than what it was earlier and additionally, is increasing exponentially. Work pattern shifts are adding to the sophistication of the attack.

Cisco 2022 DNS Discoveries provides an intense look at cyber security from the prism of DNS, which would add to the cyber security might in its ongoing battle against the bad actors of every type. You can’t protect what you can’t see and hence Cisco Secure has a “unique vantage point when it comes to cyber security.” As per Cisco they resolve 620 billion DNS requests daily, so they see more threats, more malware, and more attacks than any other security vendor in the world. Threat intelligence of Cisco Talos would thus make immense sense and it happens to be the largest non-governmental threat research organisation globally.

The data at their command is massive and has fullest operational integrity. Powered by expert security researchers the output is unmatched threat intelligence to stop attacks earlier. DNS or Domain Name System as it is known was created to connect and not to protect. Quick and correct connection is the name of the game and serves as one of the foundational pillars of the modern internet. It is literally used for everything to an extent that no user can even keep a count of it. The report says that “since most organisations don’t bother to secure the DNS layer, they might be missing opportunities to block cyberattacks.”*

Now the value of DNS security is being explored and rightly so. In a recent report of Global Cyber Alliance, it was found that 1 in 3 breaches could have been contained by DNS. In the same report it has also been conclusively proved that billions of dollars in major losses could have been prevented by DNS-layer security. It is a reality that quite a few of the sophisticated attacks rely on DNS level security. This report is turning out to be an eyeopener for the cyber security world. The purpose was to find out “top threats that exploited DNS for cyber-attacks” and *“how DNS security could provide better accuracy and detection of malicious activity and compromised systems.”

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