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If you go through what you have documented over the last few years with this angle, you would be aghast to find its irrelevance. The shelf life of any document, number of times it has been referred to, used for differrent purposes and finally if you have be followed to clarify the points raised means the document, subject and the process has passed the Document Relevancy Test. Compare our doctoral problem statements, the current literature studied, the depth of research, effort and the methodology thereof, supposedly original findings and methods of guidance and evaluation with the best in the world and you will get a very clear cut answer.

Might be to add global relevance to it, by way of being referenced upon or being used for live projects, the results would be abysmal. If this is the state of relevance of the doctoral final documentation, what would be the state of normal documentation in academic institutions, project papers, academic tours, field visits, brainstorming sessions and the like. The ever mushrooming Think Tanks can do the country proud by depth and dimension, given their objectivity being unchallenged. What difference have they made policy making, research agenda and interdisciplinary collaboration?

The business writers, few and far between are either hung up on reacting to the day to day events or writing books which are autobiographies camouflaged into business books. We are still to find a book of research and relevance on India’s software industry, present positioning and the growth ahead. Steve Jobs by Walter Issacson type book for the proud pioneers of Indian IT. On Indian entrepreneurship, the ecosystem and nitty gritty of its functioning. The Start Up has to start from scratch, with the half baked advice of friends, well wishers, consultants and investors.

Bereft of public repository of documentation of relevance; research & experimentation, of practice and success, of failures and comebacks, of iterations and struggle, of entrepreneurs thought and struggle, of collaborations, of interdisciplinary research successes and its proven commercial viability – creativity, innovation and path breaking result oriented research will not scale to the mass scale commercial trajectory.


Sanjay Sanjay


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