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Democracy believes as is the law, theory and practice in this country, once you meet the democratically mandated qualifications, you are fit to rule. It primarily means you winning an election, or for topmost posts being elected the leader of the legislative party. Any political executive’s job anyone elected can do is the presumption and has been practiced accordingly all throughout democratic existence. When we started bringing in transparency into our system, given the omnibus nature of corruption in this country, assets and liabilities was mandated to be declared, and so also the criminal cases against the candidate.

So as long as the financial and criminal status of the candidate is known, it should be sufficient enough for the powers that be, decision makers and people at large to be satisfied. The financial and criminal status are detailed enough to form an opinion at least. Having met these, they are good to go. While we shout from the rooftops about education and its quality and its capability to propel development and progress, which is the main task of the government, it is nowhere mandated to be known to the world and that too in sufficient detail.

That large part of what ails the country emanates from the fact that a large chunk of our law makers and selected ones above that, don’t find themselves endowed with educational assets they need for their tasks. Educational assets also extend to expertise certified and demonstrated capability to deliver. This delivery preferably needs to have been shown, outside of the political arena to start with. While educational qualifications cannot be a cut off for elections, nonetheless the electorate needs to know the educational qualifications, professional degrees and accomplishments, their expertise and what they have delivered individually so far. The electorate can make a fair assessment of his background, time spent in his grooming years, rightful exposure to the world et al.

Speeches and politicians power slugfest cannot decide our fate. There is no denying the fact some connect between the job and credentials from beginning of our democratic existence itself could have brought our country to a different situation today. When responsibilities are being allotted, educational assets and liabilities needs to considered. The candidate should themselves mention their educational liabilities. On the educated side, just some degrees in whatever subject and from whichever institution cannot carry the same weight. Socialism in education of politician leads to a detrimental impact on the bureaucracy below them. Descending into mediocrity cannot be then stalled, and that is what we see all around. Given the complexities of modern governance, where eagles fear to tread globally and where the best are likely to meet their nemesis, Indian politicians keep riding roughshod without evaluating themselves and not even battling an eyelid.

Sanjay Sahay

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