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What would be the nature elections as visualised by the constitution of India? And what is the nature of elections as it happens now? What is the wide gap existing in practice in the current world of elections? The constitution of India describes the basic modalities of the conduct of elections by the way of the mechanism and superintendence, control and regulation of elections. The democratic conventions, traditions and the nitty gritty develops over a period of time and it develops the robustness of elections and the real utility on it.

The broad contours of the elections had to be brought down to the ground with precision that it does not dissolve its purity. Franchise needs to be informed one without any of pressure exerted and no lure for votes whatsoever. The modalities of electioneering and do’s and don’ts were bound to play a critical role as expected. The match refree was mandated to be one single consitutional entity to take of the sanctity of the election processs end to end; the Election Commission of India. Election expenditure was of critical value and its source and nature of money was needed to be carefully scrutinized for sure.

While the control on the election expenditure was to be on, the crash commericalisation was to be avoided, though it has not been a part of any election discourse. Crash commericalisation means the creation means mercenary monetization of every election activity, which means you will not be able to contest electionns, if you were not able to care of these basics in this monetised mode. Taking care of the basics would itself mean a sum, which would be many times of the election expenditure stipulated amount. A few facts would prove the case?

What is the total amount of cash seized in an election? What is the total amount of liquor and other materials seized? What does it speak of? The fact of the matter is that it is being done by every party. Might be its time to calculate per voter expentiure of every party by third party data sourcing. This would be the per unit cost of the elections, Here you have cash transfer with no bank accounnts. Then take at the enterprise, the strategists, the publicity material, transport, grand roadshows and whole galmour associtated with elections today. Has it become mandatory to do so? It seems to. Then what about digital marketing? There is a huge cost involved. The full page ads, what is the costing? And what is the connect between the mainstream media and election propaganda. What does it cost? The post result story in another game. Has election become an industry in itself?

Sanjay Sahay

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