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As the time proven adage goes, ”Empty vessels make the most noise,” there could be nothing closer to this than the Indian political class. *From the debates in the Constituent Assembly to the present day electoral campaigning is the best example of a worst downslide. The intellect, debate, varied points of view and finally creating a consensus document called the Constitution of India; the permanent ruler of India. Today, the electoral battle and the campaign preceding it, has its own lingo, format, structure and process, which all stakeholders know by convention.

Sometimes one feels there should have been more detailed codification of elections, the actual process, in the Constitution itself. It could have led to better politics, who knows. Without getting into any conjecture, let’s face the reality as it gapes at us. The oft expressions in the multimedia, mass media explains everything. From Battle Royale to Ground Zero, you have variants of everything: a royal battle for the throne to a surface zero, an area decimated by crisis. It is in  relation of bombs etc. Both these descriptions cannot hide the pain  democracy that is in.

There are a variety of other descriptions describing the race to the electoral mandate, barely any of them, give any inkling of what should be an expression of a true democratic election. The amplification of the shrill, the hurling of abuses, quoting fake data, battle of words, captions and slogans etc, all need to be amplified, otherwise how does it impact the election. The media does this act. Social media adds a very high level of debauchery to it. The elections are thus a feast of most weird sounds and expressions, which only the empty vessels can so poignantly  make. Even the manifestoes which can be termed as the constitution of an election enabled delivery, finally ends in being a high decibel duel.

Then there are the puppeteers, the self-proclaimed masters of the calibrated political vessel’s noise, designing electoral victory, through media blitzkrieg aiming at heightened surreal emotional, so to say. The digital puppeteers are sought the world over and we have our own variants of it. This commercial unison of the political empty vessel cacophony with the capability of the digital puppeteer is believed to be the harbinger of a very soothing political music called power. The catch is that the sound of the empty political vessels make sense only till the time the election results are declared. Rest is history. Election 2.0.


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