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The history of this country and most of the other countries clearly indicate that the political leadership makes the maximum impact. The primordial nature of its existence is the main reason. If we see the number of country’s highest awards being awarded to them, its few and far between and that too its has gone to the highly positioned ones only. Few of them have been able to make an impact. Rest of the recognition in public service and bringing transformational change has gone to leaders outside of the political arena. Indian political leadership has not found its way into the Asian Nobel, the Magsaysay Awards which awards for outstanding contributions in Government Service, Public Service, Community Leadership and International Understanding & Emergent Leadership.

With the nature of opportunities, resources and authority at their command, they could have very easily been the game changers and would have made their way into nearly every public reckoning you can imagine of. This is for sure a leadership issue. How many of our politicians does the electorate view as social, economic or transformational leaders? What does the electorate feel about their capability to deliver and the will to deliver? How many of them have picked up the cudgels for a cause and remain steadfast for rest of their life? Is there charisma or magic based on leadership enmeshed with consistent delivery.

Anna Hazare and the Indian Against Corruption gave a non-political, decisive, non-compromising and selfless leadership to bring corruption as an actionable issue in this country. It brought the country together as nothing else since independence. Parliament has to go in for the requisite enactment under pressure of the movement and even report to them. The way pressure can be brought on the political leadership and their weakness was in full display. What is intriguing is why doesn’t the political leadership take up these issues even after it has been conspicuously flagged?

Leaving the utility or otherwise of the farm bills for the time being, the present framers agitations which has taken roots on the borders of Delhi, after two months of a Punjab precursor, broadly proclaims that they don’t allow political leadership. The geographical areas which they represent would be having hundreds of people’s representatives. But nobody is allowed any leadership role. Might be they are not even allowed there, but for momentary visits. The opposition and ruling parties both are not making sense to them. Are leaders out of the same society or they make themselves distinct once they are elected? Time to ponder on the state and fate of political leadership in India.


Sanjay Sahay

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