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The world talks about dreaming big and having audacious goals being first step to cracking something big. Mostly, what is treated as unachievable for the mere mortal. The ones who mechanically go through the portals of schools and colleges, get into a job, vocation or profession, make a living and spend their lives. Dreaming big, thinking different and have the capability to make it happen and really doing it, is the crux of human existence. The problem arises the thought, grandiose plans and grandstanding come down falling like a pack of cards. And we have generations indulging in this act and keeping us in permanent state of dismay and disarray.

Most of them cannot even fathom out the right way. They take failure or mediocre delivery as a given and if something has not happened it is because of extraneous factors. What a fall from the Epic Fantasy they had nursed. They are not to be blamed and they actually done the best. From where does the Epic Fantasy emanate? India is quintessentially groomed in the school of epics in every home, every community and every gathering. Most of the analogies of life come out of the same ecosystem. The Indian public domain talks somehow veers to the same personas, same stories, same behavioral traits and same nature of victories.

We see the world through the prism of epics. We do not get into immense literature, of near recent times which bring to life the philosophy of modern management and tech perspective and might be it helps us to find true colors of governance the world over. The epic mindset down the generations and over a period of time, leads to the creation of Epic Fantasy. Epic Fantasy is goal which is modern in nature, but lacks all the modern wherewithal to make it happen. The goals are put in historical perspective and is expected to happen as it happened thousands of years back.

The larger-than-life personas are also built in the same manner and the concerned behave in a similar manner. We abhor modern icons, modern thoughts and modern tech and management processes, might be we have not created them to a level, so as permeate in our lives, thought processes, actions and living ethos of the nation. The nitty gritty of modern creations and services work on its own complicated and complex detailing, process and a grit of a different kind. Bringing it to a level of simplicity as we do, does not augur well for the delivery mechanism, which in our case is always in a perpetual creaking mode. Epic Fantasy does not carry with itself, and an epic delivery plan, that is the inherent contradiction of failure it carries with itself. One of the prime examples of Epic Fantasy is our broken modern educational system.

Sanjay Sahay

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