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You would heard of escapists over and over again in large number of conversations, might be your would have used this term, experienced it quite a few times, the art these great persons practice is known as escapism. Escapism is a state of mind where you feel that you have the knack to evade a situation or responsibility which you mandated do with people not getting to know of it on account of an ultimate camouflage. For the practitioners it might be doable but for the wide wide world it is very easy to understand and they start losing credibility in no time.

If this is an aberration it can be tackled with but if it becomes the standard pattern of human engagement, how does one transact business. If it open and visible still one can some precautions. The problem is when the vast majority first indulges in this act and second they become expert practitioners in giving you the feel that they are serious and mean business till the time you finally realise that you have been completely out beaten in this game. It would be fair to have a feeling of being cheated throughly but what do you do about it.

Taking responsibility is not an easy game. The present day world is not interested to get into this act. Being flimsy and superficial is the order of the day. They believe in the magic of social media as a cure to all our ailments, sitting on the top of an open sewage and post the pictures of Gangotri on the social media posts. The farther we go way from reality, the more we get convinced of our faking capabilities, this malaise will keep on increasing as cancer in our society.

Escapism has never delivered either for individuals or governments. We have seem their downfall through human history and now we are witnessing the same fate for business enterprises. Enterprises who have been trying to be on the sidelines of the emerging technologies end up being disrupted as a bare minimum and decimated at worst. In the present day world of digital transparency and disruptive technologies, escapism is fighting a losing battle.


Sanjay Sahay

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