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While we make mantras by the hour, pledged, solemnised and promised for a variety of use, with nothing to authenticate their success. The mantras which is a super success is the one to evade responsibility. The only catch is that it has to be done professionally, that everybody body around you should get a feel that you are fulfilling your responsibility to the fullest. One the face of it, it seems to be an awesome task, but the tricks of the trade are so meticulously learned that it can put even the harshest critics at their wits end. When it spreads to every sphere of our life, what it would impact in which manner remains unknown, and things give the look of a normal calm till the lid is completely blown off.

This has crossed all limits and has extended unimaginably to legally mandated tasks as well. It can be discussed in tv talk shows but the evasion of responsibility remains where it is. If some action where to happen perforce, it would get unstuck at the first test. The unwritten SOPs are followed with the sanctity it deserves by these proclaimed evaders. The make believe behaviour of response has been perfected. Only the poorly trained get caught in the act. The pros maintain a wicked cool, every time they make you run around, while giving a new and brilliant fig leaf. They would never get exhausted of this. Even paper documentation provided which would be as straight as a Jalebi, that is neither the route nor the destination.

With laws, policies, rules, SOPs, timelines, conventions all in place, one has to be a real professional to wade through all of them without a scratch and without delivering. Is some delivery happens in word / spirit and time, the credit can goes to divergent moles in the system or some new technology once in while being able plug one small whole in a pipelined landscape. Look at the world around, make an objective analysis of your transactions and see what percentage of it has happened without any evasion of responsibility. Given the situation around, separate time has to be provided for simple activities, otherwise even the daily rigmarole of life would become a challenge.

Evasion means delay. Who compensates for time lost? Nobody does. The casual nature is the root cause and that he will be able to get away with it and he does. One odd case is caught. The framework to bring accountability itself is compromised. We have lost the touch to get into detail and to task oneself. If that does not happen, all of us know nothing else will happen. It is slow but successful assimilation of this mindset in our DNA. Nothing agitates us, patients not being able to find beds also. The evade responsibility brigade has its won supporters, blaming everything to an outside element and unsparingly keep giving an explanation to put the system in the dock. COVID-19 has been a tsunami this fledgling mechanism was forced to struggle with.


Sanjay Sahay

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