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The governance of this country is an evasive one, which you would have experienced in day to day living in this country, conducting your business and going around doing your job. Some would go to the extent of calling it a completely evasive one, even to the extent of being an onlooker. Sometimes it crosses that stage and it can be called a bystander, not even ready to look at the activities happening right behind or at times right in front of them. The weirdest that can happen when the world begs to intervene and still, inaction remains the order of the day.

At times worst of inaction is condoned as situation gets better and as is our public memory nothing gets really imprinted on our fragile grey matter. But if the situation continues to remain the same; at the most critical level, governments do respond and that point in time, it is generally told they have been forced to respond. The number of agencies that are involved in a situation of the nature of Manipur would be by the dozens, from local PS to the state level agencies to the national ones, and from commissions to safeguard the interests of the vulnerable groups, to the highest courts in the land.

If you able evade acting wherever you are bound to by duty, legality, morality or the dire need, you will never be able to face the consequences of that act. That is what is precisely catching in the case of Manipur. The country; that is the powers that be have to be brought to functional life by a most ghastly video, putting all our efforts, if any, to stop incidents of this nature happening. Nirbhaya incident was as watershed moment in the history of this country, where everything was supposed to change, from law to enforcement to what not! The inaction has been killing with the endless number of government agencies mandated to perform this task.

Might be Nirbhaya caught the attention because it happened in Delhi. One incident has taken us back, where we don’t know. It put a permanent question mark on Indian governance. It would take ages for them to redeem, if it ever happens. Treating life as usual, when things are burning to ashes in the backyard, is the most negative trait / practice of Indian governance. Who is accountable to all that has happened in Manipur in last more than two months? We have been famous of ad hoc governance or crisis management, some jugaad solution to set right things, when it boils. It seems we have lost that as well. It gives a feeling today that the state has been decimated.

Sanjay Sahay

Have a nice evening.

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