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Human civilisation has been the unfolding success story of beating the insurmountable and visualising challenges and solving it. The recent success stories of companies making vaccines in the shortest possible time, in the midst of raging pandemic is what human being are meant for. Pfizer and at least half a dozen companies have proved to the world what research can do our existence and we should not play tricks with it. Where there was no issue the moon-shot to reaching the moon of John F Kennedy is what legends are made of. *Create a challenge out of nowhere and deliver it. Dr. Verghese Kurien transformed the diary industry and life of millions of dairy farmers, not because somebody had asked him to do but he felt that there was a human problem which needs to solved. In his gut feeling he thought he would do it and he did. A whole life was not  enough. His legacy & work goes on.

Fast forward in times we live, when problems are gaping at us, we try and see the other way round. Over a period of time, we have developed a national character which can aptly be termed “Evasive India”. Lots of our problems have been so persistent with us, because of our own making, that we have ended up feeling that these are no problems. Practical issues of life. It  tantamount to occupational therapy where you learn to live with disability. What a tragedy of human existence. It is beyond the ostrich mentality. It is turning out to be our nemesis. And the beauty of the whole exercise is that we have an explanation for everything and because everybody is in the same boat, it runs fine.

In most of the law and order problems, we are not ready to face it head on. Strategy and preparation are things we are not interested in. When don’t know what would eventually happen, what should be the nature of our immediate preparation. The long term strategy, planning accordingly, decision making and follow up can be the final game changer. We know what we ready for and act with precision. Procrastination is the prime manifestation of an evasive mind and we excel in that. Social media has been providing the ultimate haven for this evasive country.

It always find en number of avenues to divert, camouflage or belittle any issue or problem. It also helps exaggerate the tiny escape routes they are looking for. We have missed out all the industrial revolutions and we are in the process of missing out  Industrial Revolution 4.0. We gave way to creating software for body shopping. Research we have brought to a level of less than a namesake also. The most successful operating tool is plagiarism software. We have been able to elevate our abysmal school level education to the engineering colleges. Health is one bull we would not like to face. They say success has many mothers, here evading even the inevitable has many mothers.


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