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Finding excellence in mediocrity is an art we have perfected over the years. We have achieved this feat by way of packaging in different ways; by normalising marks, certificates of participation giving the feel of degrees, appraisals, recommendations, advertisements and the like. What we have carefully guarded from the public domain is the skills / competencies of the Human Resource and the quality & longevity of the product or deliverable.

We have reached a level where posing the right questions is made out to be an act of blasphemy or sacrilege. In the same continuum we are made to believe that everybody is talented, which actually means equally talented and we should make good with whatever is provided to us. We live in a world where unfortunately real talent in short supply, the costing is competitive, so the only way to break even is cut corners with quality of the Human Resource. Now that Human Resource can be put in the market for productive purpose he has to be  camouflaged with presentable soft skills and appearance. By the time you realise what you are in for, it is already to too late.

This is in a scenario where every vouches for quality and timelines. What the customer faces in another story. The body shopping industry has perfecter this art. You rarely find anybody with an adverse work certificate. If somebody is to be thrown outside, he is asked to resign. You don’t need any better way to keep rotten eggs. Things have reached to such a level that it has extremely difficult to differentiate the wheat from the chaff in the market. Mediocrity is celebrated and rules the roost in every sphere. It is the cart before the horse story.

Social media predominance and the event culture has provided a subterfuge for these elements. Pics and self certifying write ups can do wonders on the audience over a period of time. Professional colleges have also played the same tune with autonomy helping them in a big way. Relapsing into mediocrity and non-performance is great challenge from people who have excelled and achieved earlier.


Sanjay Sahay

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