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While the daily sermonizing on the constitution is both a staple delivery and diet for our law makers, bureaucrats, media, influencers and decision makers in any field, the hapless Indian has never been able to come to terms with it. He is at the receiving end of all homilies paid to his existence while he receives nothing, inclusive of the treatment, which is nowhere near it. The distribution of powers between legislature, executive and judiciary is affixed with a technical democratic seal on our existence. In reality, what difference has it made to the life of the common man.

The added ignominy which he is supposed to face is that everything is approved by the votes he casts every five years. That being the predicament he is technically the creator of his own destiny. But for some aberrations, which are very few in one’s lifetime, his tryst with democracy is a tryst with the executive. He mostly fails in his efforts. The powers are technically divided, how does the common man gain out of it, can be left as an issue of independent democratic research in the future. The executive in this country today is more known for the aberrations, which has slowly become the norm, from the discussions in villages to studios of top TV channels is the talk of the town or we can say of the nation.

Battling for power is power itself. This is what is the DNA of the executive. Yeh Dil Mange More, there is no end to it. Any amount of power cannot satisfy the Indian executive functionary, and any amount of discretion will not tilt him in favour of the poor, downtrodden or the disadvantaged. You can add to it anybody who has been put to injustice. Leaving aside the jargon of the legal statutes and its functioning, what does the executive do in simple terms. The executive is mandated to respond within the shortest possible time, most of the times it is provided by law, in a comprehensive, purposeful and meaningful manner, in the interest of law & rules being fair and transparent.

Meeting the executive functionary is not a small task in this country today. Having responded, they are legally mandated to decide. This is a Gordian knot created for a variety of reasons. The Indian executive is happiest when they don’t have to decide or someone else does it for them. This is the crux of the problem and leads to indefinite delays, and repercussions way beyond the control of those who push their decisions. They want to faceless at this juncture, but if something good happens by mistake, they would be first to take credit. If for some reason they decide, you should be rest assured that they will fail is the execution. The country is full of monuments of their gleeful abandon inclusive of our education and health. Being held accountable legally is the fulcrum of the executive, which has been meticulously side-lined to benefit powers that be. If these are not enough, you will agree that their biggest powers is of omission. Don’t use powers where it is bound to be used. This is the single most important factor for the mess we have created.

Sanjay Sahay

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