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We have described business organisations in a variety of ways, depending on nature and age to which they belong and what they deliver, at which pace and scale. The modern history can broadly range from the Enduring Business Entities as studied by Jim Collins in Built to Last to the current day Exponential Organisations ExO 2.0 written by Salim Ismail and Peter Diamandis. Both researchers and practitioners have done their best to make this cutting-edge knowledge known to world. They have created tool kits, playbooks and theoretical construct that can help tech entrepreneurs to excel.

Clayton Christensen brought the idea of Disruptive Innovation to the world and the world has never been the same again. Peter Theil has redefined entrepreneurship in his classic Zero to One bringing in the concept of an innovative product, or a service way better than the earlier one. The current book being referred to is ExO 2.0 as mentioned earlier, claims to be ’The New Playbook for 10x Growth & Impact.’ The current book is a sequel to Exponential Organisations published in 2014. The first version was with the thought; ”We’ve learned how to scale technology; now it’s time to scale the organization.”

Enabled by the combined experience, knowledge and acumen of the these two books, the writers have made an earnest attempt to map the minds of these organizations, which basically means founders, and have created ExO Mind Map for our benefit. Exo Mind Map can be imagined as the brain of an entrepreneur / enterprise. The purpose of such a mind is bring about massive transformation and thus is called MTP pertaining to massive transformative purpose. The whole Mind Map connotes to the structure of the human brain. The Left Brain deals with order, control and stability and Right Brain deals with creativity, growth and uncertainty.

The left and right in synthesis helps achieve the MTP. Left Brain depending on its nature mentioned earlier deals with IDEAS; interfaces, dashboards, experimentation, autonomy and social components of the enterprise. Right Brain deals with SCALE; staff on demand, community and crowd, algorithms, leveraged assets, and engagement. This provides the true context; both the philosophy / theory and the practice. You can also judge where you stand in your entrepreneurial journey on the touchstone of ExO Mind Map. It is great operational construct which can be the north star for the ones who want to create Exponential Organizations with 10x growth and impact.

Sanjay Sahay

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