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Expertise and professional are used, misused, disused and abused in today’s supposedly professional ecosystem, which was sautéed with technology till around a decade back. Today technical expertise is gaining monstrous proportions and trying to become the main dish. The beauty of the matter is that every single individual understands these two words in a different manner, depending on his education, exposure, demonstrated capability, decisions taken and successful executions in life. For the also rans it is something imaginary which others flaunt. Whatever, might be the case, nobody is ready to accept that he lacks expertise and that he or she is not a professional. There are no definitive parameters which would / can disallow anybody from being a self-styled professional.

Seeing the all-pervasive sentiment in its favour, there is need to understand as what is expertise in reality, and as not as defined by either presumption, degrees, awards or even a huge package. The premise to be sorted out at the very outset is, whether expertise is what you have or expertise is what you can create in yourself. Undeniably, there is also a connection between the two, which is not very easy to fathom out. The recent understanding of knowledge is not what is stored in your grey matter but also the capability to lay your hands on the knowledge available at a dynamic level and to use it in a dynamic manner. In a similar vein, your capability to pick up expertise as and when required depending on the core skills and your capability to assimilate, can also be termed as expertise.

How many times have you vehemently fought for some connected expertise, not being your expertise and further that there is not for you to learn that? From a siloed existence we are racing towards an expertise broken world. Expertise Broken World means one set of expertise cannot deliver the requirement and the all-piecemeal expertise put together will again not add up into the whole, we are looking for. How can this catch 22 situation be sorted out? At the other end of the spectrum, we have the likes, who have brought the famed expertise of rocket science to the ground. Elon Musk has proved that even rocket science is no rocket science. SpaceX is the living example of this expertise and this thought process.

Expertise can both be learned and earned, the only catch is whether you are ready to put in that effort. Expertise in simple language is the capability to deliver and at times it has to be done individually. This learning, unlike the smooth effort for college degrees or cozy research / papers, is time taking, back breaking, intellectually challenging, mostly full of failures, and might turn to be finally elusive. The core of such path breaking expertise, is zeal, passion, never say never die approach, whatever come may or for whatever it takes, it shall happen. It only ends either when you achieve that expertise  or your life ends. The tech entrepreneurs have proved it over and over again. For the lesser mortals one should certainly learn and gain expertise, enough to do work in a comprehensive, complete and an outstanding manner. Destiny shall always be by your side.


Sanjay Sahay

DailyPost thanks you for consistent readership & wishes you a very Happy New Year.

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