DailyPost 43

The  job is conspicuously cut out; to provide solutions/ opinions to issues which the layman to policy makers cannot sort out, with unimpeachable evidence. No coloured glasses, no biases and hopefully no stakes in mind. Smog has become a reality as much as a natural phenomenon.

Society has created knowledge for its benefits and not for crash commercialisation & name and fame. Consultants doubling up as experts and subject matter expert debaters mushroom even without monsoons. Electronic media is full of experts whose expertise is the medium and do not touch even the periphery of the subject. Social media has transformed every owner of a smartphone into an expert. I hopefully presume, sane voice of the real expert is not lost in the cacophony.

Recent data generally shows that rise of the consultants / consultancy has negatively impacted the projects. Execution is nobody’s baby. Substantiate a project and then substantiate the reason for its faulty execution / time and cost overruns seems to be the consultancy life cycle.

Responsibility & the concomitant accountability of the project / opinion / solution in all fairness and legally too, should fall in their lap. What is the fun of having an expert devoid of capabilities to execute / facilitate complete execution.


Sanjay Sahay

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