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Would the world have been different if medical experts / epidemiologists, the real practitioners would have been the real decision makers in the crazily unfolding Corona story. The availability of health intelligence has also been in question but handling it properly wherever available, and looking for it wherever not available, could have been done in a scientifically much better manner in the hands of the practitioners. It’s an unfortunate story across the globe that the experts are only one input in the unfolding unfounded process of decision making. Accountability by defence that too baseless arguments can never be a practitioner’s stance.

A practitioner by his very education, nature, training and more importantly by running that practice for decades is inherently tuned to decision making generally at micro level and is held accountable for it. By its very organic logic, it should be extrapolated to the national level as an when we face emergencies of the nature of COVID-19. Things are in such a pathetic situation that it’s rare to find epidemiologists even in TV talk shows. People who talk political and bureaucratic stuff are in full sway. It is an accepted fact that if you don’t know the nitty gritty of an issue and also don’t have the capability to get abreast with it, you will not be able to take an informed decision. The narrative is lost and with it, so many battles.

The capability to envision the future in that regard is a trait which can happen only if you have gone through that experience or similar experiences a few times. The experts who supposedly guide decision making are not made known to the world. If the buck does not stop with you and your team, given the human failings, which we all have, you do not put in your best. You are also not sure whether you, your expertise or you opinion matters. Science has no politics and only science should prevail. It is our bounden duty to make that happen, as lives of hundreds and thousands are at risk. Do we even have a list of renowned experts in this area, today needed by all, who can be approached by lower formations of the decision making process.

Two major follies happen with any decision making outside the realm of the experts. Firstly, lots of extraneous factors come into play in decision making and more often than not, they do prevail, given the pulls and pressures of democratic decision making. Secondly, who executes the decision, people who are barely connected professionally, objectively and scientifically. This has got to be done or supervised by practitioners, who can feel the pulse of the situation, can guide, make or suggest changes as the case may be. Evolving situations which are killer in its dynamism, literally and metaphorically, can be handled only be war hardened scientific practitioners of the game. For the rest it is a gladiatorial contest in front of Colosseum crowd, which has to be pulled off successfully. Life does allow it to happen that way.


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