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 Finality in thought, action and execution, is the creation of matured minds capable to deliver, emanating out of skills / expertise / grit / attitude and finally making it both a theory & practice of life.  For the ordinary, life seems a just a process to be gone through, lots lamenting about the lack of finality in their thoughts / action / execution even after decades. Finality,  as a concept is not understood by most of us, it operates in our day to day life, both from the super micro to super macro level.

 An urge to have finality as the undercurrent in all our activities pushes us to look at an issue with the perspective of solution finding.  Solution finding as an art or a skill is still to have firm footing in our thought process. Adhocism  is the order of the day and thus the delivery process itself does not start on a firm footing.

 The malaise starts from the education days itself.  Engineering seems to be the preferred destination. What happens post that is nobody’s story. The lack of finality at what is the chosen career with liberal dose of proclaimed passion cannot and does not lead anywhere.  The rough and tumble of the professional world makes it worse, with the present complexities there to stay, finality in what you do decides the finality of your existence.

The antithesis of the whole exercise is dilly dallying, being inconclusive in what you do, apportion blame on somebody else for inaction of yours and also for its impact.  A whole population of this type cannot do wonders that we are looking for.  The solution is somewhere else in having finality in all what we do.

Finality cannot happen at the superficial level and cannot also  be treated as a moving goal post.


    Sanjay Sahay

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