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It’s same like the intelligence story. Solve intelligence and you will able to solve nearly everything is the vision on which DeepMind works. In the very same manner in the brick and mortar world, the adage should be, ‘Find the Deliverable.’ Whatever is a deliverable then is a billion dollar question and deliverables have gone amiss over and over again. When all are in know of the deliverable but not many know how to accomplish the deliverable. What is the real deliverable then?

Deliverable is a Human Resource who has the demonstrated capability to deliver through thick and then, whatever come may, in short. Even with the fear of repetition, he is one who has the capability to deliver on time of the right quality without cost overruns. He has the capability to surmount whatever bottlenecks / issues comes in the way of the project execution / humungous operations. He is master navigator of the given ecosystem as well and can provide solutions on the fly what best of the management processes cannot.

Vision to create a precise blueprint and its successful achievement is his forte. This is the deliverable all projects and operations should look for. If you are able to find this deliverable, all other deliverables will fall in place. The vice versa is generally found to be true. The tailor made documents fall like a house of cards. The struggle to meet the deliverable is a challenge which everyone is stressed about. If you don’t know the way, you will always have this fear. If you have traversed it over and over again yourself and faced all likely issues; human, technical and otherwise, the ride would always be different, this is not to say it would be a fun ride.

The capability for an organisation is to provide the atmosphere to create such resources and then have so much of faith in them to use at the right places. They would not behave like other pliable employees because delivery in not the task cut out for pliable guys. To make it happen is the challenge of every industry. People who can do that have to be put on a different pedestal.


Sanjay Sahay

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