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People familiar with cricket as most Indians are, are extremely conversant with this term & needs no elaboration.  Bringing the concept to real life, it means to press on in an activity or process especially to a conclusion.  Being whimsical & sentimental as Indians are, more often than not, follow – through as a concept & a operational mantra has still to see the light of the day in this country.  A country vibrant with ideas, thoughts & pronouncements follow-through is an exception rather a norm.

At the family level the  follow-through to groom a child  starts with his birth & possibly goes on to at least the end of education & may be beyond. We have an idea & a plan for child but we start wavering as the time passes by.  Unwavering in our commitment is not in our DNA.  If things don’t go in manner we want, solely because of our lack of efforts, we get into an evasive mode, trying to find the easier way out & settling for it.  The whole world anyway is there to be blamed.  Lack of this critical follow-through results in immense damage .  Schools are also a perfect reflection of exactly the same pandemic.

Research the most critical element of our modern existence unfortunately gets sucked up in the quagmire of flamboyant ideas, lack of resources, bottlenecks & the like. A closer look make the story clearer.  It’s the incapability of the scientists & research fraternity to follow-through the projects.  Follow-through is an arduous journey.

 In the fast changing ephemeral world this behavioural trait does not naturally.  It is an mindset issue & like other behavioural trials have to inculcated from day one by the family.  If the child sees it in the role models in the family, father etc, it becomes easy for the kid to inculcate this trait . The child has to be mentored through this process. Our schooling / educational system has to see it through. It should continue through to the professional organisations.  We need citizens in every field who are follow-through enabled.


Sanjay Sahay

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