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History has so much to teach, if we are willing to learn. Man by his very nature wants to be footloose and fancy-free; travel wherever he feels like and have as little of responsibilities or commitment. Civilization kept on adding sedentary life and familial and societal responsibilities. Nomads best define humanity, frugal, on the move and having a culture and vibrant life of their own. Geography has become history and did not go beyond work from home & cafes. A new movement of nomads is in the making; footloose and fancy-free; the Digital Nomads, gaining regularly in strength.

They are the real pioneers of digital freedom, present jobs being of the bygone era. Working out of hammocks & hostels this breed is both redefining work, pleasure and mobility in human life. Life can be managed, run, explored, sustained is this style is an enigma in itself. This is a group of people who are extremely comfortable with skills and have the capability to make a living while shifting locations regularly. Skype, YouTube and the like are the mediums of their choice and cater to their clients from anywhere. Might be it’s an reaction to fossilized digital human existence of the behemoth IT companies, life itself lost in the process.

Digital Nomad was first used in the year 1997. Minimalist in their thought process and belongings, they are ready to battle it out on a daily basis. All they need are smartphones and laptops with a reasonably good broadband. Loneliness can be an issue. When completely on their own, they use co-working spaces, coffeeshops etc where they get to meet and interact with other digital nomads. The digital facilities and ecosystem attracts these nomads; certain destinations are more popular, Chiang Mai, Thailand and Bali. Low cost of living is always an attraction. Tallinn, Tarifa and Tbilisi are other attractions given the digital critical mass and acceptability of this lifestyle.

As connectivity improves, jobs become location agnostic and Estonia e-Residency type programs multiply, the movement is bound to increase. Their intense social media presence make them infuencers. Stability, social security, life beyond the prime age, companionship etc goes against it. The destiny of man is to experiment with his own life.


Sanjay Sahay

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