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The lessons of four years of writing daily, something sensible and readable has been an immense learning experience. The fun of this exercise is that people don’t write even when they are forced to, here DailyPost has been both seamless and endless, out of one’s own violation. Selecting your audience generally remains a challenge but writing for the general audience can certainly be way more challenging. People’s perception of a task and what the tasks actually means and connotes in reality, you will get to know only when you go through that experience and that too in your own way. Otherwise, you a captive and a captive has no journey and no experience.

For 1461days finding a title to write on everyday has been the most herculean task. Having found that title, what do you do? Will thoughts start flowing on its own? While for early half of journey, some amount of research or rather reading was a real need, the second part of journey got built on the knowledge canvas that was already created. The voracious reading started converging into areas of study and issues that were plaguing the world in those areas of study. The capability to connect anything in the human RAM is really mind boggling. When you can just pick up a word and write 350 words on it, at a reasonably fast pace and making sense to the world. Human competence can be taken to any level.

While the world teaches how fast and how well to reach your destination, what DailyPost teaches is that there is no destination. The purpose remains known; to provide a knowledge piece to the reader every day. The end is not known, even unknown if there would be an end date ever. It has become like R K Laxman’s Common Man daily cartoon in the Times of India. When the journey is so fascinating who is bothered about the destination. It makes you believe that a journey without a destination is the ultimate journey, provided you have the guts to take it. In the world of cut throat competition, who has the time to undertake an endless journey.

Passion can have any form or it might lack it completely. Even the most ardent believers in passion try to find a tangible end to prove its logical conclusion. Only passion can propel this type of writing with even the format being created on the way. It sometimes makes you believe that planning is a mediocre art, when heart and mind are at stake. Whatever might be my take, which I am still trying to fathom out, one thing is for sure, that what has been created is India’s most dynamic knowledge repository. An encyclopaedia of the dynamic and the real world, all the dots so intricately connected into a product. In physical terms, it is 1461 posts and over 5 lakh words.


Sanjay Sahay

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