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The Indian politician has an uncanny knack of rationalising to start with, and then validating, authenticating and finding historical analogies, of events, facts and twists & turns, he would not have even imagined of. The Indian electorate, at least the active ones, who work for parties, and their hangers on, keep lapping it. On this equation, democracy has run this country. Now it has got into an active echo chamber from both the sides; the elected class and the corresponding electorate facilitated by media houses, anchors, political analysts, psephologists, political strategists, social media influencers and the like. With them in command what did we get out of the elections?

They command the narratives of the election. So, we find Pradeep Gupta and Prashant Kishore relevant even after failing miserably. The caucus has an underlying element of I scratch my back and you scratch mine. Keeping the electorate and in a way the whole population in the political wilderness is the name of the game. The elections started with the numbers game and now post elections there is debate on the nature of coalition, and the votaries of it, are convinced that it will deliver. First the numbers game, who wins and who loses is no one’s concern. What would be the quality of the election harvest, these great tricksters would never discuss.

So the 400/370 numbers game was the real election. Each of the abovementioned were adding and subtracting out of the total of 543. This has been a major preoccupation in electioneering and the whole system that supports it. They have a life of luxury and fun, squeezing the system dry, with no trace, the Shylock way. As if that was not enough we had the icing on the cake in the form of Exit Polls. What happened to those numbers are by now folklore. INDIA was forced to project 295 just on the eve of counting. Post counting numbers logic changes from the earlier wild to the weird now. Congress did not get the number of MPs in three elections, which BJP got in the present one. What is the rationale of this *innovative number for the new Lok Sabha?

In the world of Artificial Intelligence, we have perverted election data analytics at its best. How numbers are cobbled is another story. Post number declaration, we have landed in the coalition phase. The single party strong government story is over. Now the whole effort is to prove that all the persona donnas of this coalition come from the school of coalition dharma. Coalition is declared more organic than the BJP itself. Vajpayee is being fielded as a role model, for the third template of the original model. The regional satraps getting a say in the Delhi coalition, that too coalition pastmasters, know how to extract butter. The voter post franchise is a despicable lot. Mind Boggling of the Indian poor to be represented in such a lavish way. No democracy can boast of it.

Sanjay Sahay

Have a nice evening.

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