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From publicity to washing dirty linen in public is the wide spectrum of social media, to anything in between. The most fascinating part of this evolving narrative is that more often than not, publicity has gotten intertwined with washing the dirty linen. This act gives you a nature of publicity which you have been aspiring to, all your life. Publicity made easy is the new course, which a large number have perfected even without being formally trained into it. Undoubtedly, everyone wants to be known and popular and be different and make an impact, which the world should be proud of.

Unfortunately, very few can make that mark. It means a huge amount of mental clarity to start with and then an endless amount of hard work, effort, focus and a never say never die approach. Even then no one knows whether it will happen or not and for sure nobody can give you a timeline. There is a solid possibility that you would end as one of the also rans, or a measure of success not enough to satisfy your insatiable urge to make it big, be known and be treated differently. The ultimate ego boost which one would live and die for, thus is never reached.

If the grind I talked about can be done away with, it is made non-organic and a sure shot delivery, life could really become fun. It is like having the best of both worlds. This is done by the magic machine of social media. Making a video or writing a post or posting pics to make a splash in the world through the social media way in the hard work of today. From toolkits to playbooks have all been devised, perfected to the last word for you to pick and get going. It is a truism that if can’t face the world, you facebook. This truism aptly summarises the world we live in and the direction in which we are going. Make believe persons are transformed into gigantic personalities supposedly with a capability to change the world.

They mostly pass out without a whimper after gaining name and fame is another story. The damage is already done, and with a series of such successes, it becomes the modus operandi to make big. In the process of making oneself larger than life, if dirty linen has to be washed to be in public, so it be. Social media provides an instant platform and reach for this dirty act as well. Reputations are maligned in no time and finally no one is the winner, though it might not seem so, on the face of it. People and organisations are doomed for good. Human ego gets a full play on this medium and dirty linen is assured of the fullest display. We have seen this nataka recently and as always, the gullible public will always remain at the receiving end.

Sanjay Sahay

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