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The software ecosystem of the nation reflects how smooth businesses, government and individual life runs. Software is the synonym of ease brought to human existence, there are a variety of ways by which it can be judged. Conversely, it can also be judged by drudgery and the struggle which one is forced to take, even with the software in place. Software symbolizes seamless processes and combined together a seamless existence in variety of areas, if not all. The software that are rolled out for the whole world for free, provide you an indicator, as to what should the general quality of the software, more so when most of specialized software have been created for a purpose and detailed specifications in mind.

Software created by the IT behemoths for their existence, growth and development, happened at a different level, quality and scale. Or they saw to it that it happened. The ecosystem and the business needs dictate its smooth functioning, for whatever it takes. They are generic software, new or old to take care of, the so to say, dire needs, as per the company. The improvements they keep making to these software on a perpetual basis is on the understanding of the company, based on feedback, their own perception / acumen and improvement in technologies, both front end and back end, which regularly happens. These changes more often than not, are lapped by the customers, wherever there are issues, changes and newer versions come and replace the old and the issue is sorted out. There is also a huge capital and expertise cost which keeps the hardware, networking, data centers all running to cater to the service, which the software / company provides.

When you come to the installation of regular specialized software, whether a ready-made one or the one being created for your specific need. A regular professional global software and its business and support operations works on the concept of plug and play deployment and remote support to boost, if it comes handy. So, your requirement has to plug into the software and not the other way round. Customization is out and the support of nature to bring you to a robust level, is conspicuously missing. From SAP to a video management software, it is the same story. What is shown as customization and tweaking is meant for the novices and amateurs to be baptized. Maturity of the world-renowned software and immaturity of your systems will not gel, there would be no special efforts made for it. This maturity also means the customers’ IT human resources, which are deployed for the project.

Somehow some functional via media is found out. It may take years for these exercises and the customers keep playing with fire. The Indian partners of these software behemoths, called as channel partners, face most of the music with absolutely no control over their elder brothers. When the software is created for a new purpose, whether by an Indian or a MNC developer, you can be ready for a nightmare. We have seen any number of such examples and most of the time you are forced to live with it. It is like occupational therapy. Legacy system integration, database migration, integration and interoperability issues can throw any organization out of gear. Software companies care two hoots. End of life of the software and licensing issues have also turned out to be nightmarish. Given this scenario, don’t we need software consultants and software management experts, who can bring down the pain of the companies to a considerable degree.

Sanjay Sahay

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