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The scenario created by ChatGPT is pretty simple, either be there now or you will never be there. This is the message ChatGPT has given loud and clear to its competitors in the AI world and that is the reason why we see this scramble to find a place in AI ecosystem. GPT-4 has made the issue even more complex. Google has been spending lots of energy, effort, time and money of AI products for a long time. OpenAI coming to the field much later dropped an AI bombshell in the form of ChatGPT. One product focus seems to have delivered for OpenAI. This space cannot be left open otherwise large number of IT behemoths might end up nowhere.

It is for this reason we see the use cases and products falling into the commercial space by the day, mostly aiming to make commercial success only after sometime. Getting the real feel of the market and getting to catch the AI fancy of the people is the main game now. Google is making plans and doing research to beat GPT-4. Suffice to say that there have been any number of technologies where Google did not have the first mover advantage but they went ahead to products gaining immense commercial and remain market leaders to this day.

Gemini as it called is being developed to be more than a challenger to ChatGPT / GPT-4 as a large multi-modal language model. The AI would actually remember exactly what is going on, something like AutoGPT to perform its task more effectively, and way beyond by scaling up to 1 million tokens. This could well turn out to be the gamechanger. This token size window length has been a long barrier for large language models. Currently, it works at remembering 4000 to 32,000 tokens. Certainly, an exponential leap if it were to happen.

Google and more with DeepMind have a demonstrated capability of high end AI work. From the AlphaGo to the creation of the Transformer architecture has been their baby. The very same transformer architecture has been utilized by OpenAI for the development of ChapGPT and more so the GPT series which sits high at the core of present AI revolution. The competing teams of Google are coming together to pull off this AI coup of sorts, if it were to happen. Google Brain AI team and DeepMind and now working together to develop Gemini after Google’s Bard failed to keep up with ChatGPT. Google has the technological expertise, compute and financial depth, will they have their promised date with AI is what the whole world is watching with bated breath.

Sanjay Sahay

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