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With the aim to synthesise governance & technology for achieving efficiency & transparency, govts created e-Governance depts. spearheading this movement. This lead to govt. services getting online, on a transactional basis, making the back end processes effective. Digital governance is still a way off, Digital India is giving it a push, its time to leverage next level technologies. Building effective IT systems is a long & gruelling task.

If internal functions transforms into the digital mode, the results would be transformative. An governance ERP solution, created in-house can facilitate the desired change. A high end technical team would handle its operations and its horizontal & vertical scalability. It would have the capability of customise & provide end to support. All services can be attached to this ERP, a complete governmental ecosystem. * It would run on a Dedicated Cloud Computing Infrastructure.*

Estonia has made it happen, a high tech impact making governance. It is named as ”the most advanced digital society in the world,” by Wired. It has been a two decade long digital journey. It started with e-Governance in 1997 and has traversed its journey with milestones of; e-Tax, X-Road, Digital ID, I-Voting, Public Safety, Blockchain, e-Health, e-Residency, New digital nation, Cyber security, Data Embassy, Intelligent transportation, Reporting 3.0, Cross-border data exchange, Healthcare 4.0, Digital Transformation in Education, Real -Time Economy and Industry 4.0. ”Ingenious Estonians are pathfinders, who have built an efficient, secure and transparent ecosystem that save time and money.” Govt at its vanguard, a Smart Nation indeed!

Using latest IT technologies, appropriately, through self learning is the main learning out of Estonia’s experience. Dubai, another example, aims at becoming the world’s first Blockchain powered government by 2020. Successful models need to be customised & replicated.


Sanjay Sahay

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