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Selective amnesia is practiced by all governments. The government is the repository of all knowledge and expertise. It has the historical baggage and the strength of knowledge, convention and tradition. They are supposed to maintain best possible documentation to withstand the test of time. Their databases of the modern day can help facilitate cracking down of any data to the last individual. More importantly, we rely on them, we have to. All this emanates out of the fact that India is a welfare state and all of it finally converges into it to strengthen the same welfare state. Necessarily, the government is legally mandated not to forget.

Not only not forgetting is the democratic agenda, the government has to react, respond, positively and proactively act and see to it that everything happens as per the law of the land, fructify democratic planning and comprehensively help growth and development, taking full and complete care of the human development index. Doing all this in a complex country like India would need insatiable energy and effort of a Himalayan type. But it is only for this reason leaders are elected. As history has proven that they generally don’t have the capability to rise to the task for whatever reasons, and hence governmental amnesia is their answer.

The art of forgetting whatever they feel like in their interest, is the art the governments were able to perfect pretty fast. They can also perform the impossible task of forgetting issues and tasks off and on depending on emergent situation. Whether we can call it selective amnesia or not is a different story, they have the perfected the art of seeing and knowing things and behaving as if it has not happened. The craziest part of this amnesia game is the fact that what a common man cannot forget ever in his life, they can without even blinking an eyelid, when it does not suit them or when they have decided not to act on it.

Selective amnesia has graduated from an individual medical condition to en masse governmental affliction. There are times they even have the memory of the subject or issue, but there is selective amnesia in action. Selective amnesia in action is a wonder disease created by our governments. Can a worst law and order situation land in the lap of governmental selective amnesia? That too has happened recently and continues to happen on that issue even to this day. What about the quality rural healthcare even today, after having gone through the tough and killer times of Covid second wave. Governmental selective amnesia is the wonder drug which enables them to do whatever they want and get away with it. Was democracy created for this cushioning?

Sanjay Sahay

Have a nice evening.

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