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There is general feeling that the golden age of communication is here. The touch and action mode are less real than what it is made out to be. At the other end of the communication is a person or a system that makes the communication cycle complete and leads to delivery of whatever was intended by that communication. How much of ease have you found in your work-related communication, inside and outside of your organizations, and in the public domain? Have you ever reached a stalemate situation where don’t know how to take the communication further, while the work remains incomplete or unattended.

Guerilla communication is an ambush type mesh of communication mechanism, which can put the user, customer or the citizen at his wits end, having done everything right, still the end is tragic. At the very best you will able to achieve a small thing after efforts of a Himalayan scale in this communication mode. The feeling you should derive that you needs / requirements are being take care of, but in reality the whole set up is created to give you this feeling with the least effort. If you work does not happen, so be it. Lots of times you will be busy meeting the requirements of this guerilla communication, finally realizing you have not moved an inch.

It is one way, stage managed communication, at the time and in the method the originator decides, more often than it would be a service, business entanglement or governmental utility etc in a variety of ways. Nowhere the rules of response would be spelt out. System generated or you need not reply is a modern way of shutting the door on your face. The system that has generated can also reply. Tech is certainly so enabled. Or find bots sending junk to all queries or repeating it again and again. Or an IVR keeping you on hold for endless time. You can keep pressing the keys. You time and effort are no value is the first moral principle of guerilla communication. You will be provided with all the tools of solace but no solace for sure.

The election promises fall in the same category. How do we complete that communication. Most of guerilla communication come out of Black Boxes, you will never know the person behind it. You ask for the name and designation; you will not get any. If you do find a person to cling on to, you will find him to be the wrong person. I just finished one such communication cycle with Dell, with work started and unfinished, declared completed by them the and issue remaining the same, even after the exercise and money paid. You don’t know where to go? Most of the time when you struggle to get a response, be sure you are caught in guerilla communication. When you are forced to receive communication related or unrelated, while you issue remains unattended is guerilla communication.

Sanjay Sahay

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