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The 80-20 rule is well known to all the professionals around the world. What it means and the way the organizations need not be elaborated for the fear of repetitive abuse. But generally, all of us are convinced of the fact that we are one of those 20, and 80 has always been undefined, unknown, still being present and provides the fanciful a drag on any organization. Leaving the 80-20 rule for the time being, then what about the high flyers; the CEOs and other C-Suite guys, the PMs and CMs, ministers the high-flying bureaucrats, the top class academic administrators, top end researchers and the like.

They are group or a breed to themselves. Do the same formula apply to them or have they crossed the human barrier. It would be very rare in any organization or the government that there is anything talked about them, in the very same manner as it is done, for the lower down the order. Leadership as is so called, is supposedly competent to take care of themselves. Then why once in a while they are shown the door, when the situation forces such an action. Till such time, everything is hunky dory. Our style of not to subject our leaders and well positioned professionals to same harsh scrutiny, has brought us to this pathetic situation.

One on the one side it this approach, on the other side, the high flyers create a moat around them, helping them to prove themselves right and well-meaning, to the world. Nobody else in the organization and outside has the information to prove them wrong. If for once something extremely detrimental hits the public domain, they are shown the door. There is good enough bonhomie amongst the high flyers, at least in the organizations they work and all that falls within their ecosystem. The same thing happens much more vociferously for the political leaders with their queer mode of support or the capability of the leader organizing for one.

It is once in a while there is fall guy, and he faces the music. But is that the real story? Non-delivery is rampant at the top, as at any other place in the pyramid. It sounds antithetical that all top guys keep delivering only by way policy, MOMs, proclamations, orders, outreach and finally it ends in the whimper. Over a period of time, the management whiz kids have declared it work and that too quite a paying one. What is the nature of support the high flyers are able to provide to the cutting edge? Does their professional and personal style even provide them with the opportunity to know the ground level realities and make pathbreaking interventions transforming into tangible change. Or else the high-flying non-deliverables are turning out to be the biggest burden on the nation.

Sanjay Sahay

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