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It is no enterprise. Here there are no shareholders. No stock price issues. No cyclical issues of business growth and downturn. No recession. No heads to roll. No grooming for any responsibility required. No failed products. No services guaranteed. No failures. No fiascos. No customers. No qualifications whatsoever. It is not like academic institutions, no marks, no progress reports, no evaluation, teachers and the taught, both epitomes of unaccountability but each with safeguard to hilt. It’s not like research institutions, slow and steady delivering some things, though at long intervals.

Yet it is the biggest enterprise, the one that controls all and way beyond it. There is no selection here, you just need to get elected. Rest is a battle of words, of hook or by crook leadership tangles, of non-professional connections and create a ‘supposedly’ working group; whether of one party or more, called the government. The super enterprise we are talking about is called the government, under whose paternalistic and benign umbrella we are to grow and prosper. Every job, small and big, determined achieve even the bare minimum results has a job description. Here there is none, we only have positions.

Some basic tasks they attend to, but that is nearly all. Those tasks are also supported by a battery of people from the permanent bureaucracy and like, and the political executive calls the shots. The rationale of any these shots, more often missed ones, are not be questioned. The lack of job descriptions of these great jobs does not bring the ruler and the ruled on the same page. If each one on the political executive is able to perform in the present system with no known governance or management acumen at display, means that barely anybody is performing. If the job description is not mandated by law, those jobs and tasks would go unattended. Most of crying tasks go unattended today.

What is not asked for and not done consistently, with a target or goal in mind does not happen. What is not measured is not done, is a truism that the world is wedded to, but what do your measure here. How do you measure the work done by a health minister, by the inauguration of the hospitals or quality of service in governments hospitals or any clear criteria to measure it against the best. How do you measure progress in each of the minister’s respective area of responsibility, whether its human development index or sensex, just as an example. The quantum of time that is spend in politics and politicking by the political executive will come down considerably, if the job description is demanding; goals you cannot play around. Can a minister talk about another ministry? If everybody can do everything, it means no one can do anything. The country is at a loss to fathom out whether MPs and MLAs are only law makers or have legal rights / job descriptions to run the executive,* directly or indirectly. Today, we don’t who to hold responsible.

Sanjay Sahay

Have a nice evening.

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