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The technology which is touted to bring transparency in everything is itself shrouded in secrecy or so it is made out to be, is the biggest tragedy of our time. That the world is technologically enmeshed is a fact better accepted. Technology playing a second fiddle to political designs is an old story to be consigned to the dustbin of time, it is the driver today. The sooner we realise the better off we would be. China has set its goals very high in this field and has been tasting blood of its success. The world has seen a tectonic change from the Opium Wars to the currently unfolding Technology Wars.

Disruption is the name of the game and disruptive emerging technologies are destined to decide the fate of the world. All these technologies will come to life by one of its kind connectivity; the 5G and Huawei is the world leader. 5G would enable from robotic surgeries remotely, to the much touted internet of things or internet of everything, immersive and augment reality at speeds unimagined by the 4G world, 100 times the current one or more. Latency would become history and new dawn of hyper connected world is thus round the corner.

Being world leaders from integrated circuits to the social media, US finds itself at the cross roads today. The digital supremacy is under challenge in the unfolding phase of the digital age. President Trump yesterday moved to ban American Telecommunication firms from installing foreign made equipments which are likely to cause a threat to national security, escalating a technology war against China. It effectively means barring sales of world’s leading 5G company Huawei, the country’s leading networking company.

Technology is genie out of the bottle which cannot be put back. Bans can have a temporary impact at the very best. It’s horizontal extension cannot be stopped and as it gets adopted number of countries and gains the critical mass, nobody would like to be left being in reaping the benefits of this technology for ease of business, governance and ease of life. Policy cannot be in lieu of R & D.


Sanjay Sahay

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