HUMAN ENERGY – 650th Post

DailyPost 650


While everything is calculated in the detailed project report, what is out of the input inventory, is the energy which each resource brings to the project. How many times have you felt dissipated at the beginning of an activity itself? How many times has somebody told you that you bring positive energy to the table? How many people get enthused by the work you do and more so the way you do? Have many people have told you that you are able to create a positive environment around you?

Even in a Silicon Valley type of ecosystem, only few are successful. Only those who have relentless human energy make it to the grade. In an entrepreneur type situation only this prevails. Unconsidered, in the business scheme of things, human energy is the final diffenentiator. All the management principles and standard behavioral analysis comes to a nought. Even in struggle this human being has the charisma, the aura, which creates faith in people working with him in troubled times.

While one space shuttle crashes, he is still able to hold on all the human resources on the SpaceX project. He is Elon Musk. If he consistently displays and consistently operates this energy, it becomes contagious in the organization you head or work. It spreads furthur to affect people in the public domain, anybody who comes in touch with him. While the world is on the energy saving mechanism, working as a degraded system, he is into giving it endlessly. It has an mesmerising impact on the people around; peers, subordinates, seniors and anybody who comes in contact. Nelson Mandel’s decades in prison could not do any damage to this human energy.

This will never allow you to be a routinized existence and will keep finding ways and means to utilise it in the most creative, effective and well meaning manner. Business goals are a medium to achieve bigger life goals, business goals not being an no end in itself. In the most trying times, calmness is what they manifest, finding effective solutions holding the lot together.


Sanjay Sahay

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