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Given the way public domain has been evolving in this country for couple of decades now, there is a general feeling that it has become a country of hushing up experts. The ones who don’t agree to this description would for sure agree to another connected fact, that we are country of bystanders. We can put the two together to get real picture of the nation, powers that be being experts in hushing up and other relevant practitioners and professionals being bystanders. This situation can be metaphorically termed as still at birth. Given the nature and propensity of burials of this nature, one always feels he is moving in a living graveyard.

Few hit the headlines with a great amount of difficulty, sometimes it comes from a foreign soil. No sooner it becomes public the hush up operators get into the act. There is whole playbook that has been perfected to finesse in the last few decades. The operations, communication, private and public stance, calibrated denials, creation of causative alibi and finally time is the best healer approach, which pulls off success with elan every time. The bystander team does not use its powers even when they are legally mandated to do so.

Instead, they provide the covering fire and the information to help make the operation hush up successful. The regulators and enforcers more often than not are attacked in a vituperative manner for the role in the scandalous dealing, totally contrary to the welfare of people, public good and against the goals of every organisation they are mandated to deliver. How much has changed from the Harshad Mehta days? If you feel things have changed, then again, you are hit by a bolt from the blue, which forces you to think to the contrary, yet in a relevant direction. In the recent years from the co-location case to the Himalayan baba case, what inferences can one draw out of it?

Some of these things come out in the open even after the best efforts of hushing up. But the action is not taken out of love for law, justice, equity or hold criminal to book, it is with the intention of meting out as little of punishment as possible that too after the longest possible passage of time. From Panama Papers to Hindenburg the research / investigation is brought home by foreign agencies. Have we lost the teeth and the urge to get into the act of cleaning stables on our own? We had the Pegasus issue in between! Not reaching any conclusion is the biggest disservice to the nation. The bystanders are everywhere; a large chunk within them, who were supposed to deliver have decided to be onlookers. What a tragedy for this nation!

Sanjay Sahay

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