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The world is getting as granular as it can be, going beyond the Micro to the Nano, the results are there to see, in business and  management. Wherever this granularity has been extended to governance, they have enjoyed its bountiful harvest; may it be European Union or Estonia or Singapore. The failure of all planning in the world is because of lack of requisite granularity. Either the data had been faulty or there was an with process and results presumed, or they did not have any idea how it would be executed or implemented. The world of enforcement has become even more perverse. That has become the antithesis of all that we intended to achieve.

Diametrically opposite to the successful granular model, we are moving at a breakneck speed on a model of extrapolation. This mindset is amply manifested in the regular expressions, when an influential or a person in a good position exclaims that if it could happen to me what about the masses. The best way to make an enforcement fail is to make it generic, not considering either the connected factors or be completely averse to data points. Where detailing has happened the data has cried  a different story. Same size fits all has been our long and forgone formula or tool while insisting verbally to the contrary. The tenor of business and governance all indicate the same.

Laws are made by extrapolation or also repealed by extrapolation mostly the criminal laws. When there is an aberration somewhere, instead of tackling it, there is a blanket law which comes into existence. The rules that emanate out of that law are super extrapolations. Trying to make it granular at this stage makes it more complex. This is in the nature of filing of reports, assets, declarations which can be used against you. If dealt in a granular manner, the real culprits, offenders, evaders could have been caught, rather than collecting documents from all and creating a non-trust world.  To stop counterfeiting of notes, a hard core criminal investigation and judicial process has to be deliver and  not banning the circulation itself. The lack of granular approach has cost this country dear.

We lost TADA and POTA laws to extrapolation. The wrong use by a few necessitated this. That the whole mechanism will misuse has been the  negative extrapolation. We have seen any number of actions / laws / policies emanating out of one single incident. With the nature of variety that we have, how have  we  handled the generic dealing of SDGs? Believing that the governmental workforce across the  country are equally competent to deliver what is desired out of them is the first extrapolation. The same extrapolation leads to the pathetic health infrastructure in the rural countryside. Do we even consider local resource availability to sustain it? Is extrapolation mode not a simple and roughshod mode  delivery? It does not happen. The results are there all over.


Sanjay Sahay

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