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The existential world has everything in its fold, as in the history of kingdoms and empires we learned in our schools; art, architecture, literature, culture, science et al. All were celebrated. Every kingdom had something else of offer besides politics. Governance itself was treated distinct from politics. And so was adventure and sacrifice and the will to take risk for a cause. It seems as if politics in whatever format it was in, was a source of coming to power and then the narrative was of making the human spirit bloom in every way. The support of the state was subtle but rock solid and robust. We had travelers and writers who could put the most high-tech world of today to shame. Greek philosophy grew up in a similar environment. Has the politics changed? Is democracy to be blamed? Is 24 / 7 /365 the only reality of our existence?

Why after the world becoming so multifarious and complex and narrative is only about politics? There are people you keep away from politics, but that adds to the might of this narrative. Indian politics sucks, it does not leave anything else behind. Even inside politics, it sucks, it sucks talent, whatever little comes to it, and creates a political level playing field. Whether you come from Harvard Law School or a district Bar Council or have barely seen the portals of any school whatsoever, the rules of the game remains the same and you have to excel in that. Nothing else is of any consequence. We also another great dichotomy or tragedy of human talent when the most talented and most outspoken are hired to bat  for top politicians, expert in the brand of politics we all know.

Bureaucracy as can be expected was the first to get sucked into Indian politics. The symbiotic relationship could not have possibly left the distinct identity of political executive and bureaucracy to survive. The concentric circles kept on increasing to elected representatives to the levels of corporators  and in the rural areas to panchayat level representatives as well. The political hangers on, also gained prominence. In simple terms what became the practice was that bureaucracy comes after politicians and has to operate  at their beck and call. And that too all politicians so to say. Any one of them could throw tantrums to the bureaucrat’s peril. Indian politics sucked the bureaucracy into it and the worst governance itself. It has become like a whirlpool or a quicksand.

On the other side of the spectrum, the sports administration in the country, whatever might be the game, has turned out to be a political game. The political celebratory culture and pomp and show has afflicted it for long. The temples of knowledge and grooming centers of GenNext, our universities, most of them have already become political hotspots. They have been sucked into the political whirlpool never to come out of it again. With a large number of politicians having business interests, Indian business has got entwined into it. Biggest of the corporate houses to petty contractors, reap windfall benefits of being sucked in Indian politics. Most critical watchdog, the Fourth Estate also slowly but steadily is getting wrapped into the political fold. It would complete the process of politicization of the country and its complete supremacy in everything.


Sanjay Sahay

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