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Creatives had to fend for themselves, with whatever the tools at their command. Computers started assisting in some areas for single tasks. The new era is about to dawn and the progress likely to take place in next 20 years would be more than in the last 2000 years. This is the Augmented Age, cognitive augmentation, nascent seen in Google search, Siri etc.

All throughout creatives interacted with passive tools. The tools did what was asked out of them. One had to manually push one’s will into the tools. Conversation with computers, even in it’s latest avatar has been passive. It did what it was directed to do. From the passive to the generative would be the quantum jump. Computers & algorithms design tools to synthesize geometry. The computer is able to design on it’s own on the goals & constraints communicated. It gets into the entire solution space, designs beyond human imagination. The new partition to be used in A 380 has been created out of one such experiment.

Still the computer does not learn, it starts from scratch every time. From the passive to the generative, the final frontier is the intuitive. Deep learning is at the core of it. Win in Jeopardy game in 2011 started this trend, followed by AlphaGo & Alpha Zero. Human cognition but with exponential capabilities, may provide solution to irretractable problems like climate change. Technology would be amplifying our cognitive ability.

Impacting physical, virtual and the intellectual world, it would lead to Human-Robot collaboration controlled by artificial intelligence. A 3D printer would print a steel bridge as a result of an AI solution. Robots would be able to take direct human oral instructions. A digital nervous system would evolve for everything; a car or a traffic infrastructure. Intuitive AI would become common place. The Augmented Age would take us from fabricated to farmed, from constructed to grown, from extraction to aggregation & from craving obedience to valuing autonomy.


Sanjay Sahay

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