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Without ever trying to know the utility of it, we are completely drenched in ideology. Ideology is missing the woods for the trees. Let’s make no mistake, ideology and values are diametrically two different things. Experience and expertise in anything falls out of the ideology domain. Ideology comes into real play when you want to influence the tangible world by your unsubstantiated thought process. Ideology comes into play when you create an unwarranted deviation, diversion or evasion in a well established objective process. Ideology is just a world view, it cannot and should not impact the run of the mill business of our day to day modern life.

Ideology has the capability to take you onto a track where the end is either imaginary or means a way of life which does not connect to mainstream living. Mainstream living is defined by our requirements. It changes with the changing times. Needless to say, it would always comprise of things necessary to make a decent living. Given a life of resource crunch, the battle of life leaves you so battered that nobody has the time and energy to get into ideology. You are lured into it. Ideology is meant for people who don’t believe in tangible delivery and want to create an utopia which does not exist and for sure they cannot make it happen.

In a structured, constitution driven country, the religion and the ideology is pre-decided; democracy. Bringing to ground what is enshrined in the constitution and a development based on democratic laws, rules and norms is what we are all wedded to. Where is the question of anybody messing up with this. Is the track record of non-delivery, weakness of democratic institutions, lack of education, vested interest, incapability of the rule of law or political megalomania which has provided a fertile ground for soft peddling ideology. With time and following it becomes a hard sell and then only that sells. Democracy becomes a facilitator to fulfil all those dreams which are not a part of the country’s democratic agenda.

What ideology is required to provide quality education in schools when funds are being spend every year for decades now, out of the hard earned taxpayers money? What ideology can set it right? This would be the greatest revelation of our times. What ideology is required to put our public health infrastructure in place? Conversely, whatever might be the ideology nobody will be able to set it right, based on the experience with governments of all hues and colour. What ideology do we need to transform our electoral process, not hold the way we do? What ideology is required to enforce the mask rule, from when has enforcement become a requesting game? Even lives don’t matter.


Sanjay Sahay

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