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We have never talked of industrial revolutions limited to the creation and transformation of industry, but always deliberated on the all-pervasive impact it had for the world. Most of it has been positive and some for sure have been negative. Growth trajectory of a kind mankind gleefully lapped would not have happened but for these industrial revolutions; three of them so far. Now we are in the nascent stage of the fourth one. IT has been the flavor the day for decades, now it is in process of engulfing manufacturing, production, critical infrastructure, in a manner we had never imagined.

A seamless world in all its dimensions is the promise of Industry 4.0. The technologies seamlessly operate in the background marking a shift toward a physical-to-digital-to-physical connection. And the seamlessness it provides to myriad number of activities, lots being critical or important for our day to day living, needs to be experienced to the believed. Sometimes it makes its super presence of it, when temporarily it is not available. The final product or service or comfort will in no way be able to explain the activities happening behind or in the backdrop. This is world of today and tomorrow. While no one can deny the monumental impacts of the earlier industrial revolutions, the current one has pulled off the rug from below our feet.

The world is turning into a playground of cyber-physical systems and that is way world is getting defined and refined. On the pure industry side, manufacturing and production side, the Industry 4.0 technologies enable digital manufacturing enterprises and digital supply networks,*finally aim at the *integration of digital information. The geographical disparate sources and locations aggregate the data to a business purpose, to drive the physical act of manufacturing and distribution. Connectivity is the key and smart the prefix which deserves more than the due emphasis.

The increased use of smart machinery raises the stakes. Industry 4.0 thus heralds a new age of connected, smart manufacturing, responsive supply networks, and tailored production and services. It covers in its fold, critical infrastructure and the services which have been made possible because of that, from core banking to power and oil. The overall expanse and depth of Industry 4.0 is breath taking. In Japan it is said to be creating Society 5.0. Blurring the digital and the cyber digital divide, the impact of Industry is supposed to be 10x times that of the internet revolution. Still in the overall analysis, the impact of society would be bigger than on the industry.

Sanjay Sahay

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