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Lying is something we all abhor, even if we indulge in it. What is lying? You will generally feel that this is a very simple question to answer. Might be at the personal level to a great extent, it might be true, but in the complex web of public domain, today lies are having a completely camouflaged existence. The first dictum starts with, reply whatever you want to say and not what you are asked for. The intent becomes very clear, that the intention is not to give the true information, fact or narrative. What is official? Does it mean what the government releases as data?  Or it covers the whole of the politico – governance ecosystem in all its complexities.

Does it cover the private sector and a multitude of other organizations? Whatever is being spoken or communicated while you are delivering your professional duties, in any organization and in any capacity is official for our current understanding. Do we have any system to find out systemic lies? Are we ready to declare a lie as a lie? And go with the consequent shaming that should follow such an act. Do we have any idea how it has impacted our ecosystem to a level that we are not able to recover from it? It has not even left the legal system untouched. Think of the affidavits. Many a times the bluff is called out by the courts themselves and still it continues unashamedly.

Officials and the government on oath so to say, file these affidavits, a great legal tool. Research of this set of documents can throw us off gear. The bluff would be out there in the open. At the other end of the spectrum, we have the political manifestoes. While there is a system and process for creating any official document, here there is none. So, to say, not even any specified time or authorised signatory. Hence, the accountability is suspect. You can touch any topic you feel like, you can leave all the important ones, you can also put in topics and issues which you are constitutionally mandated not to. This the first acceptance of total official falsehood as that supposedly becomes the North Star of the party that comes to power.

Who takes care of false claims of tons of business organizations?  When a MNC lands up for a project while having no expertise in it, what do you call it? Is it not false? The camouflage of human resources / tech expertise would come in what category?  Do we need an expert committee to find out whether Pegasus was bought or not? The onslaught of falsehood is happening in every forum of this country; executive, legal, judicial and legislative. If the effort is to hoodwink for personal or organizational gain, with intention and motive crystal clear, it needs to be decided, whether if falls within the ambit of criminality. Or will we remain overawed by the petty crimes barely impacting anybody and allow the system and the country to rot.


Sanjay Sahay

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