Daily Post 1334


To be operational in today’s world there is considerable level of depth that is required. To get the cross connect of different operating systems and processes which finally complement our understanding, depth required is again considerable. Think of all the people around and compare them to the end of their academic career or when they got into their first job, you will realise that nothing much has changed but for their looks, age and some strappings of privilege and position. The depth of writing and their talk does not seem to have improved in decades together. The earnest desire is to manage your way through with least effort, while giving an impression that you are hard working and that you are improving on a regular basis.

In actual practice you would accept that superficiality is fad but when it comes to open declaration, no body dare accept it. It is bad manners. It will show you in a very bad light. We are out of depth with nearly everything we handle, even the best of the professionals and with full certainty if there is even slightest of choice. The tragedy of today’s reality is that even in human relationships, superficiality rules the roost. How many of us can boast of the depth in human relationships and with how many? Are you known for cracking intense relationships which adds to both personal growth and comfort and a similar push in the professional arena.

With knowledge we remain at the superficial level for all times, might be we are able to reach some depth at the time of the examination or while preparing for an interview. Preparation is thought be a horrid period which all of us want of forget, only to romanticise when you get a chance to flaunt your success. Nobody talks about the depth of knowledge you are supposed to have and the methods by which you can acquire. If put to test on the knowledge depth touchstone, even the best of professionals would go amiss. There is no such parameter itself and life goes on.

In the field of Cyber Security the same speech has been happening for quite sometime of vulnerability increasing as the world becomes more interconnected. If you ask anybody to tell you the nitty gritty of Stuxnet attack and what learnings we got out of it or the FBI conducted Silk Road investigation of the Dark Net site or the travails of Edward Snowden and how it changed the world, it would be a wild goose chase. When today Cyber insecurity has the capability to engulf the whole world, we are totally out of depth. We seem to practice 360 degrees superficiality in our lives.


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