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Over the long period of technological progress and now nearly a full domination, Indians have still to come to terms with the times and across sectors we find we are happy with the flavour of technology and nothing beyond it. We should give a feeling that we are technology enabled, the reality which we know, we are not bothered about. End to end this is the landscape, who is fooling whom is the biggest question and in the process, the country and the next generation is the loser.

The Professors are busy writing articles to fulfil the norms, the norms were not made for make believe compliances and but for genuine academic progression. The articles finds its way into fake journals, which we are the biggest contributors. Everybody’s needs are met. The technology flavour has to be made for everybody to benefit without any genuine work. The academician gets his benefits and the fake journals their moolah. The student is no fool, he gets into projects and internships, which at the end give him either marks or certificates or both and nothing more and nothing less. He has learned the Flavour Lesson.

Technological breakthroughs finally became jargons as post the breakthrough there is plethora of sustainable efforts, application of technological mind and single minded focus of large number of research and development teams are required, before it made operational validated and tested. Nothing comes on a platter. We missed on software product development and lots others, though we kept on using the flavour to fool ourselves and others till it go unstuck. Homeland security technologies have faced the same fate.

Now it is the turn of Big Data, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence to provide us this flavour, seems to remaining in the nascent stage on a near permanent basis. While everybody is working on it, what have we been getting as services and products? Every product, act and talk has become ML/AI enabled. Blockchain technology is another such flavour on offer. While Estonia, Dubai and lots others are moving governance and banking on to it, we are marketing the flavour. One odd example cannot suffice, scale only matters in today’s world.


Sanjay Sahay

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