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It is a tragedy of our times that neither we have not the able to fathom out the institutional matrix the country needs nor have we made any efforts to research the best models and work out one for us. It is a comedy of errors that our research has not been able to take us even to the level to understanding the research requirement on the institution creation, making it mature and running it in a robust manner. Institutions guide the growth trajectory of the nation in different ways, are we in the position to guide the institutional trajectory?

Institutions are in every field and are well known for their contribution where it is conspicuous and praiseworthy. An effort to glean the nature of institutions; regulatory, standards, research and development, technology adoption, economic planning, patents, start up support, documentation etc and many others in a few of developed countries we enamour and wish to replicate will give us a very clear idea of successful institutional matrix we should create. Successfully creating that is like creating one of the ultimate blueprints of the nation.

This proposed institutional blueprint of the nation should be mapped against what we have and also the nature of their functioning and contribution. The institutions need not necessarily pertain to the govt. or the public sector only. This mapping would give the institutional development gap with the the developed countries. That these institutions can guide our growth in undebatable, how we create a successful roadmap is the challenge. The visionary and competent leaders have failed where there have been no institutions to support them.

The successful ones created where there were none and made existing ones robust to reach a capability level where they could deliver. The roadmap would be fall into creating categories; the first of the institutions to be created and the second of the differential levels of the present institutions – robust, fully functional, average, below average, name sake or just on paper. With this beginning the concept of robustness has to parametrised for each and their functional interplay in complex dynamics of growth, development, governance and technology.


Sanjay Sahay

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