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While there are numerous professions born out of advancement in technology, new professions are also being born because of the individual and societal transformation in the complex churning of personal and professional life of today. Parenting, counselling, mentoring, training, community advice and support has been happening for centuries now. These are very nebulous systems and resources and cannot deal with all the life’s issues, which has been increasing exponentially in recent years. As with everything, else professionals and professionalism had to enter enter this arena as well.

Unlike the nature into the interventions mentioned earlier, life coach helps you with specific professional projects, personal goals and transitions. There is a creative relationship between the client and the life coach and that is the defining difference. The coach starts with tying to understand the current situation of the client with relationship to the problem issue and analysing it with all the precision required. Lots of issues pertain to thought process, individual experience or limiting beliefs.

Identifying limiting beliefs is the biggest challenge for the life coach. He has to get it right, that would be completely dependent on his life’s experience, training, expertise and vision he has of his job and of the individual client. He gets further into the other potential challenges and obstacles the client is likely to face. Face to face interactions and the capability of get all the facts out on the table would help device a custom plan of action designed to help the client achieve specific outcomes in his life.

Life coaches don’t need any degree or certification nonetheless tonnes of certifications are available. How much it adds to the capabilities of a life coach is a big question mark with no regulatory mechanism in this nascent activity? Yet life coaching is taking the shape of an industry. Work life balance, perception of professional growth, handling execution, the concept and practice of success, successive failures besides tonnes of personal issue which keep plaguing us, will keep propelling this career.


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