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The world has learnt everything the hard way through miseries and catastrophic incidents in at least 200,000 years of homo sapiens history. The road to freedom, unification and / self-determination has been very arduous for any country. Every researcher who has made anything worthwhile for this world would vouch for his tryst with destiny. Hardest efforts quite a few times have not lead to success, fame or money; on items human being subsist on. It the world of knowledge, for skills and expertise, there is certainly a beginning but there is not end. Life has not been enough of these pursuits.

People who are renowned read and practice the most. What does that mean? Both to sustain and improve the struggle is ongoing and unending. To reach the top might still be easy, compared to being there for long, which is a much bigger challenge. While the tricks of entrepreneurship have been discussed endlessly in business schools, conferences and in workshops, and fly by night consultants have made a fast buck, but what finally happens? The journey of every entrepreneur still remains as torrid, and very few are able to reach any worthwhile mark, is the norm which we are all familiar with. People reaching the brink of despair have bounced back basing on skill or chance or realization and mostly a combination of these, that helped them.

Today’s world is set out to prove that our history and our struggle has been wrong. Conversely, these could have been achieved in an easier manner. There is whole concept of smart work being sold out by people, whose intellectual acumen and consequent smartness is itself in doubt. We are made to believe that the world has been able to evolve a system, where things can be done in an easy manner and stupendous success can be achieved. To motivate for no reason and to a point that person becomes as wastrel seems to be the project which the country seems to have taken upon itself. That all students can keep passing automatically till their 8th or the 10th standards is the type of formulas we are talking about.

Where will the capabilities to withstand life come from? Learn English in three months. Public speaking in four weeks. Coach you to crack the most difficult exams in short time and with their own content. People are running behind them when their proven track record is abysmal. The short certification programs which have mushroomed like no one’s business, promise to make you capable for a higher level of job. Some are accepted by the market, whether the person finally delivers is another story. In a cog in the wheel fit it somewhere rightly or wrongly, and make a living a out of templates or meetings or by firing on the shoulders of others. The professional degrees by cosy universities have taken us on a down slide, which seems to be next to impossible to retract. Entrepreneurship coaches and sharks are another story. Selling without knowing is our fate and there are endless takers too.

Sanjay Sahay

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